Etrange Miroir is an artistic laboratorium based in Nantes (FR)

We experiment with artistic forms that interact with human sciences and sociology

Etrange Miroir is an artistic laboratorium based in Nantes (FR), made up of musicians, graphic designers, developers, videographers and documentary makers.

We experiment with artistic forms that interact with human sciences and sociology, leading to a variety of performances, spectacles, interactive installations that question our society with a large audience.

We develop these formats in close collaboration with diverse actors of the civil society (researchers, associations, NGO, citizens…) and aim to spread their viewpoints as a full part of the creating process, situating reality alongside imagination. This research of new forms of narrations expresses the desire to create contemporary interactions between different fields and disciplines in society, in order to demonstrate the diversity of ways in which we can grasp society.

You can find on this page, a short presentation of some of our creations, spectacles, we are preparing more.

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Europe Endless

Multidisciplinary performance on the theme of Europe and migrations, Europe Endless incorporates live dance, documentary, video creation, an original soundtrack and readings.

Europe Endless follows the physical and intellectual career of a young European. In search for meaning, he crosses a Europe of ideas; the cosmopolitan streets and the political contradictions. The piece is a veritable exploration, lead by repetitive and haunting music, the young man confronts a plurality of literary, political, philosophical and societal view points.

The piece uses a variety of theatrical devices in the piece, physical theatre/dance, music, projected images and narration all contribute to a nevertheless subtle approach placing the individual at the heart of the European project. Europe Endless is a poetic dialogue expressed through Étrange Miroir’s visually impressive one-hour performance.


Raphaël Rialland interview : English for Everyone’s Ben Standish / Jet FM

Moving beyond borders

The exhibition focus on the journeys of migrants while pointing devices that are responsible for these dangerous crossings in the Sahara, the Mediterranean Sea or the Eastern borders of the European Union.

The exhibition proposes a multimedia approach of the contemporary migratory reality.
– Maps to seize how the controls move and externalize, and to reveal the infrastructures at the service of European policies.
– Photographs to depict the consequences of the security-focused management of migration issues, as observed in Europe and beyond.
– Soundscapes created by the artist collective Étrange Miroir, that also ideated the staging of the exhibition.

The exhibition is composed of 5 modules: the first three concern contemporary realities, the latter two refer to two opposite scenarios related to the possible changes in European migration policies.

Mother Border

With the cinematic concert Mother Border, the collective follows a young Tunesian refugee, evoking a road movie across both sides of the Mediterranean.

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